Our financial statements

For an association like ours, publishing our financial statements is necessary for transparency and is also a way of communicating our work. This is why, alongside the financial statements, we also strive to communicate the consequences and social impact of our work for its beneficiaries:


2014 summarised financial data:



Contributions from associations        70,278.20

Contributions for public bodies         138,776.76

Contributions from enterprises          42,787.99

Contributions from private parties     56,411.75

Membership    2,710.00

Total income: 310,964.70 €



Institutional activities 187,597.37

Personnel        79,778.65

Rent    13,444.28

Utility bills      6,097.59

Consultancy    2,707.65

Costs for gathering funds      4,556.35

Printing costs  14,416.39

Consumables and sundry costs          891.49

Bank fees        1,102.63

Taxation          1,993.79

Total costs: 312,586.19 €


Balance of financial management: -1,621.49 €

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