The intervention in the area of Wli (Hohoe) in Ghana started in 2010. Thanks to the collaboration between Voci Vicine Voci Lontane (VVVL) and The Truth Project (TTP), it was launched a sperimental microcredit program for the women of the village.

In 2014 started the realization of a multifunctional structure to be used as an office, a training center and a point of reference for the community. In 2017 the partnership between Les Cultures, VVVL and TTP was born and in 2018/2019 it has led to the project Rompere la catena, financed by Tavola Valdese.

This project has allowed the completition of the multifunctional structure, the organization of training programs for 54 women and 5 men and the launch of a service for microcredit provision and mentoring for women who wanted to start entrepreneurial activities or strengthen those already existing.