Language courses

Over the past few years Les Cultures has been organizing language courses held by mother tongue teachers with multi-year experience in this field. They also collaborate with the association as language and cultural mediators.

The languages we offer are Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

A strong point of our courses is the importance given to the cultural aspects. Language and culture are strongly interconnected and our teachers will deal jointly with these two aspects.
Added value is also given by the fact that our courses, together with self-learning, can provide the knowledge necessary to get the language certificates increasingly required and appreciated in the world of work.

We offer three types of classes:

  • Small groups
  • Pairs
  • Individual lessons

Our courses are held during the week in our headquarters in Matteotti 15, Lecco.
Day and time are decided before the beginning of the course depending on the requests and needs of the partecipants.

For information and subscriptions send an email at