Les Cultures establishes projects of international development cooperation located in the Ukraine, Niger, and Mali.

In line with the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, the Association is committed to implementing interventions that can guarantee minimum conditions of dignity and safety to the local populations.

All of the cooperation activities are part of a structured plan with medium and long-term objectives, agreed with our local partners and local institutions.

Integration in the same area in relation to schooling, health, and development help to intervene overall on the causes of poverty.

The actions are carried out with the active participation of the population and they enhance local know-how and resources. The interventions are not only a means to meet needs, but are also the vehicle of a broader process of social transformation which guarantees sustainability and long-term results.

The projects carried out and the related objectives are constantly monitored in collaboration with local partners. Ongoing assessment enables us to constantly improve our expertise and favours the success of the intervention.

Since 1994, the Association has organised therapeutic hospitality, support at a distance, and the promotion of cultural activities in the Ukrainian region of Chernihiv, one of the worst hit by the tragic nuclear explosion at Chernobyl on 26th April 1986.

The projects of the Pro-Infanzia (Pro-Childhood) group of Les Cultures are mainly focused on children who, as often occurs, are the ones most exposed to the dramatic consequences of the precarious health and social situation. Attention is also centred on adolescents and young people who are faced with the problem of searching for work, and cultural exchanges, in order to contribute to the recovery of the Ukraine’s immense historical, artistic, and cultural wealth.

Ongoing exchange is ensured by the reciprocal visits which promote direct contact, building a solid support and shared programme.

Since 1997, Les Cultures intervenes with various cooperation projects in relation to health, schooling, support for economic activities and food safety in the desert areas of Niger and Mali.

In Italy we dedicate a specific effort to promoting awareness of the environment and the culture of the populations involved in the projects, holding interventions in schools and cultural initiatives.

Awareness of different cultures is a vital condition for collaborating in the construction of sustainable development and improving the living conditions of the populations without compromising the equilibrium of the socio-cultural and environmental system.

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