Due to the presence of representatives of different nationalities (Italian, Rwandan, Sri Lankan, Zairian, Nigerian, Jordanian, Albanian, Togolese, and Tunisian) among the founding members and also in line with its mission, Les Cultures has always dedicated a considerable part of its energies and resources to the issue of integration.

The aim was – and still is – to favour contact and cultural exchange between different peoples with the objective of eliminating stereotypes and prejudices and promoting social cohesion.

Over the years, Les Cultures has promoted numerous activities relating to the social and political conditions of countries in the southern hemisphere, favouring holding informed, supportive stances in public debate, organising conferences and debates, seminars, training courses, and rallies.

The association has also carried out two studies in local secondary schools on the issue of racism in collaboration with the teachers.

Les Cultures has constantly been intervening for many years in the education and health sectors, through complex projects aimed at integrating young foreign nationals into schools, organising cultural mediation services and courses teaching foreign adults to read and write, and providing orientation and legal support to migrants.

Huge importance is given to the linguistic-cultural mediation service which meets the demand for a correct management of relations with migrants, that is requested by an increasing number of institutions and private entities that need to interact every day with individuals of different nationalities and cultures to our own.

With the association, we collaborate with qualified cultural mediators of all the nationalities most represented in the area who act as bridges between foreigners and locals, in order to facilitate the real integration of non-nationals into our social fabric.

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